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Financial services

Streamline your daily activities, find quickly relevant data and generate more revenue!

Now, you can have, at one click distance, all the relevant data you need in order to generate more revenue and to reduce costs with searching and retrieving data.

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Oil & Gas

Reduce time to oil by interpreting more specific data in less time

The race for the discovery of new oil and gas deposits is gained through innovation and by the way you keep unaltered and permanently accessible data.

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Energy and utilities

It's time to have a consistent view of electronic documents

For decades, energy companies have created their own applications to solve problems. Hundreds of them: Project management applications drive field activities. Capital expenditure applications track equipment purchases and other capex projects transactions. ERP systems track financial activities. In general, these companies have been happy to maintain and work with all these applications … until it comes to have an integrated picture of what occurred. From the operational perspective but also from compliance perspective.

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Be more efficient, ensure your customer loyalty!

In Telecom Industry, data analysis in order to improve operational efficiency, customer profiles in order to ensure loyalty, secure the cash flow and being compliant with very tight legal regulations are challenges that you can forget about by choosing SEAL

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Cut costs using a centralized archiving system for medical records

With the help of our robust solution for accessing, organizing, storing and protecting administrative and healthcare documents, you can now focus on your medical services while reducing the time for administrative activities.

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Transportation & logistic

The way to success is simpler with the digitization of documents

The transportation and logistics industry is an increasingly active industry in a constant move and development, in which speed is a essential condition for achieving high results. It is, at the same time, one of the largest generators of documents and the quick and easy access to them is required for any company in this sector.

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Public sector

Stay compliant with legal regulation when archiving and give faster and better answers to citizens and institutions.

Over time, the central and local public administration, gathered enormous volumes of information stored in various systems and multiple formats. Using SEAL, all information dispersed throughout the country get united in a centrally managed electronic archive using a single, turned-key solution significantly improving the capacity and quality of responses to authorities and citizens’ inquires.

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