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May 5, 2017

Seal 17.03.30 version

New graphical interface and new information added to the Home page for SEAL users

  • Documents uploaded in the archive since the user’s last visit – displays the number of documents which have been uploaded in the archive since your last authentication.
  • Downloads in the last 30 days – displays the number of archived documents which have been downloaded in the last 30 days.
  • Documents with exceeded storage term – displays the number of documents with an exceeded storage term.
  • Logins in the last 30 days – displays the number of logins you have performed in the last 30 days.
  • My recent archive activity – this section displays your last 5 actions performed on archived documents.
  • Latest archive activity – this section displays the last 20 operations performed on archived documents, by any user.

Specific actions for viewing files such as audio and video

  • Starting with this version, SEAL users will be able to view the content of audio or video files in the web browser, without the need to install other software programs.

Automatic retrieval of values from uploaded file properties

  • Starting with this application version, specific metadata values can be filled in automatically with file properties, like author, title, last modified date and others. Your archive administrator can help you configure this if you need it.


January 26, 2017

Seal 16.12.1 version

  • Substitution characters and fuzzy search

Starting with this release, when you define the search criteria, you can use the following substitution characters for the values of the metadata:

  1. ? – this character substitutes a single character. For example, when you run a search for ca?e, the application will return objects whose attributes have values, such as: case, care, cape and so on;
  2. * – this character substitutes two or more characters. For example, when you run a search for transp*, the application will return objects whose attributes have values, such as: transport, transportation and so on.

The substitution characters can be used for any text metadata. You can perform a simple search or an advanced search by using the substitution characters.
Also, the advanced search facility allows users to define search criteria using the fuzzy operator. The fuzzy operator can be used for string type metadata whose value is represented by a single word. The search based on a condition which contains the fuzzy operator allows returning the objects whose values of the selected attributes are similar or the same with the entered value. The value entered for an attribute can be incomplete or partially inaccurate.

  • Subscribe to a saved template

Starting with this release, the SEAL users have the possibility to subscribe to a saved template.
The subscription to a template is intended to notify the user when new documents which fulfill the criteria in the template are added in the electronic archive. The user is notified both by e-mail, as well as in the Latest messages area from the application main interface. The notification contains the following information: the name of the template whose criteria are fulfilled by the document added in the archive, the name of the document and the user who added it, the date and time when the document was added in the archive and the link to the document.
The notifications are automatically sent by the application when the archive administrator launches the Subscriptions delivery process.

  • Export content from perspectives

Starting with this release, when you browse through the archive using perspectives, you can export the content of the documents displayed in the grid.
When the Export documents with content process finishes its execution, you will be able to download the content of the exported documents as a .zip file from within the e-mail notification or from the latest messages area. Apart from the content of the archived documents, the .zip archive also contains the attachments of the documents, if any.

  • New video tutorial for upload documents in the electronic archive using SEAL web interface

This version of the application comes with a new video tutorial for upload documents in the electronic archive using SEAL web interface.

  • Browse documents perspectives improvements

If a perspective is created by only one metadata schema, the specific metadata visible in browse will be displayed in the grid of documents.
If a perspective is created on multiple metadata schemas that have the same internal name, this metadata will be displayed in the grid of documents.

  • Send document by e-mail

Starting with this release, the users can type a few letters from the name (first name, last name or e-mail address) of a user defined in the current archive for the “to” field. The application will suggest a list of users and groups of users which contain the letter or the combination of letters entered. Select the desired recipient. You can enter several recipients, separated by semicolon. Also, you can fill in directly the e-mail address of the user to whom you want to send the e-mail. If you need to enter several e-mail addresses, you must separate them by a semicolon. Also, the “cc” field was inserted. Similarly, you can enter directly or select from the suggested list, the recipients to which the content and/or the metadata of the selected document will be sent.

  • Value lists

Starting with this release, the archive administrator can manage value lists. For the value list type metadata, the user can select the desired metadata from a predefined list. The value lists can be added manually or you can import the values from a CSV file.
For the External value, you must configure the connection data to an external database from which the values of the list will be taken.


October 29, 2016

Seal 16.07.1 version

SEAL has become even more easier to be managed:

  • Apply digital signatures, directly from the web interface, using our new desktop tool SEALSigner;
  • Streaming the process of destruction through a new automated process of storage clean up;
  • New REST API methods to update and delete archive content;
  • Improved platform management features.


April 7, 2016

Seal 16.04.1 version

As a result of our constant effort to provide the best services, starting with this version, you can take advantage of the following functionalities.

  • Share documents with users from outside SEAL system;
  • Upload attachments for the electronic documents;
  • German language for the web interface;
  • Users who are authenticated in SEAL can launch SEAL Uploader and Star Capture applications directly,without the need for authentication;
  • New versions for SEALUploader and Star Capture 5 Desktop applications.

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Knowledge is power. We bring you the latest information and in depth analysis giving you a solid basis for your decision and a competitive edge.


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