How SEAL helps you

SEAL helps business do more by offering a complete solution for creating and managing a unified and safe archive. No more losing time on searching or recreating documents. All your resources at your fingertips.


Transform paper into a reusable electronic archive and start building your Paperless Office

With embedded powerful document scanning, unlimited OCR and automatic learning, with advanced tools to sign, view, and use qualified certificates for digital signatures you are now ready to build and manage a compliant electronic archive.

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Store, find, reuse and share your valuable documents

Keeping securely a large volume of data is valuable both for assuring compliance but also for supporting further business processes, such as customer service, enabling the organization to reuse already generated value.

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Secure your valuable content with dynamic security based on metadata

SEAL provides security rules, which are a set of logical expressions, defined on documents metadata. Security setup is very flexible and permissions assignment can be granted in a user friendly manner, based on document metadata.

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Get rid of old DMS/ECM and legacy applications costs!

Move passive content from old DMS/ECM systems or from unused legacy line of business applications, transform it in usable content and reduce maintenance cost while keeping the content ready for discovery and later usage.

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Find out how companies from every industry and size, harness the power of SEAL in order to grow.