Information regarding Personal Data Protection

According to the requirements of Law 667/2001 regarding personal data handling and circulation, modified and completed, and Law 506/2004 regarding handling of personal data and personal privacy protection within electronic communications field, Star Storage has the obligation to administer said data (given to us by yourself, a family member or any other person) only for already specified purposes and in safety conditions. The purpose of this data collection is to be used for direct messaging via communications campaigns and Star Storage product or service information.


You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data. Your refusal means you will not receive unsolicited messages from us or any of our partners. The information you provide is meant to be used by Star Storage Marketing and Sales departments.


According to Law 677/2001 you have the right to modify your data, the right to not be solicited to make any individual decision and the right to go to court. You also have the right to deny the usage of your personal data or to demand that said data be removed. In order to exercise these rights you can make a written demand to Star Storage SA, Bld. Prof. Dimitrie Pompei nr 8, etaj 1, sector 2, Bucuresti, with date and signature, addressed to the Marketing Department. Another way you can do this is by emailing us at If any of your data is incorrect please let us know as soon as possible.



Any person has the right to demand, within legal grounds, that their personal data be kept secret. This right may be removed for certain activities required by law (Ex: activities by the finance and fiscal organizations, police, justice department, social security). This right cannot be claimed if the activities have a legal background.


Any person has the right to deny any direct marketing activities related to his/her personal data. The verbal communication is to be used only for those situations when no other form of communication are available.