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Content Management Modernization and System of Records in the Insurance industry

NN Romania


Short introduction

Nationale-Nederlanden is one of the largest insurance and asset management companies in the Netherlands and in Europe

Insurance has seen a significant rise in the use of digital evidence for insurance claims

New on-line services mean companies must adapt quickly to survive

All data is subject to GDPR compliance



Several aged enterprise content management platforms (IBM Content Manager, Unisys Infoimage, Alfresco)

Disparate content sources: challenges of managing islands of information spread across different repositories and line of business applications;

GDPR compliance and unified information governance



Content Modernization – Replacing several legacy ECM platforms with SEAL – a next-gen content management and automation platform; Content and metadata migration to SEAL, using SEAL Migrator.

Content Consolidation - Unified, compliant content repository (SEAL) integrated with the core enterprise systems (including customer portal, customer communication management, Salesforce).

Improved Governance and Regulatory Compliance with a special focus on GDPR



Cost Savings – multi-million euro savings and a 200% ROI

Cost prediction: transparent and predicted pay-per-use cost model

Operational efficiency: unified content repository and 24/7/365 availability of data

Business Efficiency - by enabling information workers to access content data quickly and easily, with less time spent on searching for information and more time spent on core business activities.

Reduced Risks – Several legacy content management platforms were replaced by a modern, unified content management and automation platform.

Better Data Governance - By centralizing unstructured content in the unified repository, businesses improved their data governance practices.

Security:  ISO 27001/SOC II accreditations / audits and processes, ISMS transparency and full suite of Security Services and Controls

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