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Evidence and Case File Management: Digitize and centralize evidence and case files for law enforcement and defense agencies. Easily manage, search, and securely store evidentiary documents and case-related information for investigations and legal proceedings.

Incident Reporting and Case Management: Streamline incident reporting and case management processes for law enforcement agencies and defense organizations. Automate data capture, evidence management, and case tracking, improving response times and data accuracy.

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Public Records Archiving and Access: Establish a centralized repository for archiving and retrieving public records, providing citizens and stakeholders with easy access to historical documents and information.

Citizen Service Requests and Issue Resolution: Enhance citizen satisfaction by automating the handling of service requests and issue resolution. Streamline the intake, routing, and resolution of citizen inquiries and complaints while maintaining a complete record of interactions for accountability and improved service delivery.

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SEAL for Manufacturing, Automotive and Aerospace

Plant Maintenance Documentation: Optimize plant maintenance with easy access to equipment manuals, maintenance logs, and historical data.

Engineering Documentation Management: Facilitate capital project execution, overhauls and maintenance by managing engineering drawings, specifications, and change orders in one central repository. Ensure engineering teams and stakeholders have real-time access to the latest documentation to reduce errors, improve collaboration, and accelerate product development cycles.

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SEAL for Energy, Oil and Gas

New Grid Connections – digitalization of new customer network connection workflows and case management of customer case files.

NTL (non-technical loses) Management – digitalization and case management of network thefts cases, including digitalization of the related sub-processes in Legal and Receivables departments.

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Policy Subscription and Administration: Streamline policy issuance and administration, ensuring accuracy and timely document generation.

Operations: Paperless Backoffice Operations & Digital Mailroom Automation

Claims Management: Efficiently process claims, manage associated documents, and enhance customer service through faster claims resolution.

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SEAL for Banking

Loan Origination, Processing and Archiving: Streamline the creation, submission, and approval of loan applications, automating document collection, verification, and decision-making processes.

Customer Onboarding: Digitize and automate the documentation and verification processes involved in onboarding new banking customers, including Know Your Customer (KYC) and identity verification.

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In today’s business environment, organizations face numerous legal challenges and risks, including compliance with regulatory requirements, managing litigation processes, and ensuring the integrity of legal records. Efficiently handling these legal matters is critical for minimizing risks, controlling costs, and achieving favorable outcomes. SEAL provides a next-generation platform designed to support legal and litigation management by automating case management processes, ensuring secure document handling, and facilitating compliance with legal standards.

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The HR department depends on document-driven processes, usually on paper. Paper requires archiving cabinets, and, in time, the amount of paper stored quickly become unmaintainable. Plus, paper tied to bloated processes slows HR Managers down from doing important work that pushes a business forward. Automation and digitalization can help you to reduce the time it takes to complete your HR tasks without sacrificing quality of work.

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Responsible for planning, controlling and auditing the company finances and cashflow, the finance department is a crucial component of any business. Though not always obvious, this department is a core enabler of a company’s growth and development. By implementing digital and automated processes to manage and distribute financial documents, finance managers can free up their staff to focus on strategic initiatives and serve the lines of business with accurate and relevant information.

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Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Although procurement is a critical process for any organization, without automation, procurement teams are still spending a lot of time on paperwork, and simply don’t have the possibility to understand the bigger picture. A typical Request for Proposal (RFP) process for example can consume hundreds of man-days, requiring efforts from many procurement experts but also line of business requestors and approvers in various functional areas within the organization. Adding to this challenge, organizations are facing increasingly complex requirements and shrinking business budgets while being asked to conduct efficient, fair and auditable procurements.

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SEAL for Contracts Management

SEAL for Contracts Management is a cross industry solution that offers control and visibility over all your contracts and supporting documents during their entire lifecycle using full paperless operations. Every single contract is stored, categorized and can be easily and securely accessible from anywhere using any device for a new level of productivity.

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SEAL for Sales & Customer Service

In today’s competitive market, delivering exceptional sales and customer service is paramount for organizations seeking to retain customers and enhance their brand reputation. Managing customer-related documents efficiently and ensuring timely responses to feedback and complaints are critical components of this endeavor. Companies must centralize and streamline their document management processes to provide quick access to customer information and automate the handling of feedback and complaints. SEAL addresses these needs by offering a comprehensive solution designed to optimize sales and customer service functions through advanced document management and process automation.

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SEAL: Compliant eArchive

SEAL is a next-generation platform specifically designed to address the long-term preservation of corporate records, ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations and laws. SEAL supports the entire lifecycle of electronic records and archives, providing advanced features essential for secure and compliant e-archiving. The platform ensures long-term document retention, legal holds management, rapid e-discovery and retrieval, and accurate compliance reporting.

Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and robust compliance capabilities make it an indispensable tool for organizations seeking to enhance their document management processes and meet regulatory requirements.

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SEAL: Digital Operations and eSignature

SEAL is a cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize how organizations manage and utilize their corporate documents. Acting as an Active Document Store, SEAL supports the entire lifecycle of business documents, providing advanced content-centric features essential for digital operations. The platform facilitates end-to-end digital processes, enabling document composition, collaborative authoring, review, approval, and e-signing capabilities.

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Governance and Regulatory Compliance

In today’s business world, companies face an increasing range of regulatory requirements that they must comply with, including those related to tax, fraud, bribery, competition, data privacy and protection, consumer protection, quality, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), and more. In addition, organizations must be prepared to respond to audits and investigations that are designed to ensure that they are meeting these requirements. These audits and investigations can be costly and time-consuming, and failing to respond to them adequately and timely can lead to significant fines, reputational damage, and legal liability.

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Content Consolidation

Today, organizations generate massive amounts of unstructured content that are dispersed across various locations and systems. This situation poses several challenges, including escalating costs, decreased productivity due to difficulty in finding relevant content, decision-making delays caused by poor metadata quality, and compliance issues.

By moving unstructured content to dedicated content management platforms and connecting this unified repository to line of business applications generating and using content, companies can reduce their costs, the burden on top line business applications, improving their performance and scalability.

Additionally, consolidating unstructured content into a single platform allows for improved information management and compliance, reducing the risk of data breaches and maintaining trust with customers and stakeholders.

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Content Modernization

It’s time to get rid of legacy ECM (enterprise content management) and move to the next-generation content services platform. Use our proven “application-aware” content migration platform – StarMigrator Engine together with a proven and tested methodology to deliver a seamless, risk-free, fast content and metadata migration from legacy platforms (Opentext Documentum, OpenText Content Server, IBM Content Manager, IBM FileNet, Alfresco, etc. into SEAL and start saving money while moving to modern architecture and provide an amazing user experience to the line of business users. Use SEAL to optimize up to 50% of the content management costs, to boost user adoption while leveraging comprehensive content management, information governance, and records management capabilities.

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SEAL for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry

Every aspect of the architectural, engineering and construction project involves an increasing number of documents that must be captured, processed, stored / archived and managed. SEAL enables contractors in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry to manage critical corporate content and business processes associated with the Projects (Build) and Operations documentation, thereby attaining compliance with industry regulations, cost reduction and a corresponding increase in operational efficiency.

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SAP Archiving

Whether you just added five employees or are on your way to the Fortune 500, SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies provide you with the ability to act on data-driven insights in the moment.

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Technical Documentation Management

This solution manages technical documents along their entire life-cycle; it allows the insertion, the cataloging and the differentiated search of technical documents (town planning certificates, rehabilitation projects, networks changes, installations, technical expertise, geotechnical studies, environmental impact studies, etc.)

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Medical Archive Management

SEAL for healthcare is a state of the art electronic archiving system that provides you with a strong set of tools (included data capture software) to build your electronic archive and minimize paper handling.

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Mobile Customer Enrollment

Empower your field force and enroll more customers Especially created for your mobile sales force to help drive in more contracts and customers this solution increases your office independence and ultimately streamlines your revenue.

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Loan origination and management

Legacy systems are no longer sufficient due to unprecedented transaction volumes, therefore consolidation is required for achieving business efficiency. In today’s increasingly diversified and competitive marketplace, banks need to up sell and cross sell, so they need to have a 360 degrees view on their customers. Compliance requirements continue to escalate and banks have to lower risks, while also managing costs.

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Rules and regulations management

The solution allow the management of internal regulations and procedures electronic management, as well as the management of other documents that must be submitted to the approval of the upper management or another approval body of the institution, from their creation until their finalization.

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Virtual data room

Financial institutions continue to struggle with information overload and paper processing. Legacy systems can’t manage all types of content that are part of the case. Virtual customer file is thus the right solution.

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Portal and Collaboration

The portal offers a single access point to multiple systems and to the existing applications. The portal’s architecture is scalable and it has flexible implementation, development and management tools. The portal facilitates collaboration, allowing coordination and organization through its advanced search and indexing features that are so helpful for the employees and the teams.

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Electronic Archive Management

Want to have fast and secure access to information contained in the historical archives, but without the beatings of head related to convert documents in electronic format or by investments in equipment and qualified personnel?

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Property Documentation Management

The solution manages technical documents according to the different company locations (complaints, functioning authorizations, quality management, ISO, etc.) and according to the documents from the client’s file.

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Employees folders management

Personnel files management allows the creation, the versioning, the introduction of metadata and the management of personnel files; it allows the import of Individual Work Agreement, Additional Documents, copy of Employment Record Book and the Employment Record Book etc.;

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Contracts Management is the process of managing all phases in the lifecycle of a contract with the goal of minimizing costs and risks, streamlining operations and improving compliance with policies, procedures, regulations and negotiated terms and conditions.

Leveraging advanced functionalities like smart folders, metadata based navigational perspectives and security rules, SEAL for Contracts Management helps you organize, monitor and access all your contracts and associated documents like never before.

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Litigation Case Management

The solution enables the management of litigation-related files and documents, from the stage of conciliation or legal action all during the court appearances, up to their resolution.

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Supplier Invoice Processing

Invoices received from suppliers can be processed quickly and efficiently by using this solution, which helps both the specialized financial departments, and the persons that order and receive goods and services.

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