Update version SEAL 18.04.01

Greater productivity and scalability!

Some of the new features:

• Automatically create and update document files 
• Multi-value metadata
• Automated starting and routing for the BPM flows
• Document templates
Dear client, 
Thank you for using our electronic archiving cloud service SEAL Online.
Apart from a robust and scalable infrastructure, this service offers the major benefit of updates transparency for the application itself.
Therefore, we inform you that SEAL product will be updated to its most recent version: SEAL 18.04.01. As this is a major update of the application, SEAL platform will be unavailable for a short period, on June 08, 2018 between 18:00 – 21:00. The downtime is expected not to exceed 2 hours.
SEAL 18.04.01 new features
As a result of our constant effort to provide the best services, starting with this version, you can enjoy the following new features:

01. Automatically create and update document folders
Possibility to automatically create folders and set them as destination for the newly uploaded documents by creating mapping rules based on the common meaning of the metadata.

02. Multi-value metadata
Starting with this new version you will be able to define and set multiple metadata selections to documents from a pre-defined list of values.
03. Additional authentication mechanism (SMS) for document sharing
The SMS authentication option is now available for un-registered users.
04. Advanced features of document routing
This new version will allow the configuration of the automated routing on a BPMN flow defined in the archive, started when creating a new document. The configuration will be executed by an archive administrator for each metadata schema. Also, starting with this new version you will be able to define logical routing conditions.

05. Content preview in the web upload form and document file
This version will allow the users to preview the content of a document both in the web upload form and the data file of the document.

06. Advanced Search improvements
The advanced search UI is changed and more flexible. New features for advanced search include:
• the option to perform a simultaneous search on more metadata schemas by using the logical operator OR
• the option to mix AND & OR operators in a single search expression
• the option to define search criteria precedence by using parenthesis

07. Document templates
Users can generate new documents from predefined PDF document templates. The Document templates submenu is available in administration UI to enable templates management. The creation of the documents by using templates is available in the Web upload form.

08. Error messages
All error messages include a unique code, besides error description additional and the users can access the error messages in a new report named Errors Audit. This section offers the possibility to filter and search errors in a certain period of time for each user of the current archive.

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