Store and reuse electronically generated documents

Automatically archive internally generated documents for quick access!

Electronic invoices are now easier than ever to securely store and reuse


companies aiming to optimize their paper based processes need a way to quickly convert it to electronic format and then make it available to employees, partners and other IT systems (such as CRM, BPM or information portals).


of our partners make use of SEAL for electronically archiving documents and making them generate value easier than with traditional document management or enterprise content management systems.


of companies considerably are limits the ability to quickly process and distribute information contained on this support by the overwhelming paper word and physical space of them.

Seal is design to provide and process

Easy strength howard usage and functionalities


Designed to provide organizations with a simple and streamlined way to automatically archive batches.

SEAL is designed to provide organizations with a simple and streamlined way to automatically archive batches of such documents, secure them through a rigorous process of applying advanced digital signatures. All of this while managing the resulting repository and integrating with business process tools such as CRM or customer service portals.When doing so, the system can enforce Records Management File Plan structure as defined within it, together with the appropriate retention schedule.


Process not only PDF or PDF/A document formats, but any other file.

SEAL can process not only PDF or PDF/A document formats, but any other file format including native support for PKCS #7 encapsulation and decapsulation besides the PDF/A electronic signatures.

Feature summary

The following SEAL features and characteristics are key for the success of this use case.


Bulk import feature together with individual document metadata for fast and accurate file ingestion.


Automatic or human-centric digital signature tools and validation rules.


File Plan management, including multiple historically preserved File Plan versions.


Retention management together with regulated disposition processes and holds management.


Dynamic adaptive data model allowing unmatched flexibility for the archive metadata classification model.


CMIS open standard implementation for providing archived data access to other IT systems.

Customer benefits

Upon using this service, our customers typically experience these benefits.

Create a safe electronic archive repository for generated documents such as the electronic invoices.

Optimize records management activities and reduce the burden over records management staff.

Consolidate multiple systems into one repository which can therefore provide unified views of integrated data for audits, research or just simple customer / matter management

Unleashing and reusing archive data for valuable business processes (through SEAL capabilities of easy access and friendly data presentation, even through mobile devices).