Star Storage, a global technology provider developing and delivering state-of-the-art information protection and governance solutions, has launched a new release of its SEAL Content Library Connector for SharePoint, further improving SharePoint with content offloading, consolidation and advanced records management. Companies constantly struggling with high costs and bottlenecks generated by the exponential growth of unstructured content managed will be able to get rid of islands of information and have SharePoint content (managed initially as blobs in the SQL database) offloaded and securely stored in SEAL as part of an unified information governance and records management strategy.


SEAL Content Library Connector for SharePoint brings together the power of business productivity based on SharePoint advanced capabilities around collaboration and management of the active content and SEAL advanced document capture and records management capabilities built around advanced metadata. Enterprise customers can now leave behind the hustle of properly managing regulated content as part of a Unified Information Governance strategy by moving SharePoint blobs and copying relevant business metadata in the unified repository provided by SEAL.


“We are committed to our ambitions to be permanently ahead customer needs delivering state-of-the-art solutions to increase business productivity and compliance while reducing costs. Top companies around the world are facing every day challenges around managing islands of information spread in SharePoint sites and related SQL databases translated into high IT management costs including expensive storage and unnecessary back-ups. Customers using SEAL Content Library Connector for SharePoint will typically benefit from an 80% reduction of SharePoint backups by moving fixed content in a unified compliant repository and by leveraging redundant and obsolete content deduplication or digital shredding. In addition to the benefits for the IT department, the content managed by SharePoint can be unlocked and made available to the entire organization based of a unified information governance policy companywide with extra advantages both for business users and for the compliance department. This means no more ungoverned regulated content spread across SharePoint sites or SQL databases, no extra work for the information workers that are now able to leverage SEAL’s advanced e-discovery functionalities to utilize content as part of the business processes or decisions and an improved data governance ready to comply even with the most recent GDPR data identification requirements.”, declared Catalin Paunescu, CEO of Star Storage.


SEAL is a next generation unified information governance, archiving and records management platform that stores unstructured content and related metadata in a single, consolidated repository and enables companies across the globe to protect, reuse and securely share their electronic records while maintaining compliance.