The continuous growth of both paper and electronic data during the last years has brought new challenges in information management. This problem is affecting organizations from various industries like financial services, healthcare, telecommunication and public sector.

Besides the challenges of managing huge amount of data, all these organizations are facing another important issue regarding the users’ access rights to information. The most common security requirements that we find in any organization are:

  • The business activities should not be delayed by the lack of access to information. Therefore, employees must have instant access to any document needed to support them in these activities, but not to other documents with restricted access.
  • Organizations needs to keep support costs as low as possible. As a result, rules regarding information security should be easily defined by business users and not IT in order to not burden the support department’s employees.
  • Access to confidential information should be restricted based on different clearance levels.
  • Organizations must often comply with different standards and regulations, specific to their business or industry. Detailed audit reports are needed in order to prove compliance with specific regulations

To respond to all these challenges, Star Storage created SEAL – an enterprise information archiving and records management software