Today’s business users want to manage information and corporate records at work the same way they do with their consumer applications — user friendly interface, at any time and in the right context.

As a result, organizations must change the way that they serve up company content and records from traditional complex enterprise content management (ECM) platforms to agile new generation information archiving and records management platforms. And they must do it now, since their employees and business partners are using already public cloud file share and sync systems from the consumer market with all the risks associated with information security and corporate governance. Many organizations focus on evaluating specific technology features and capabilities instead of understanding how their employees can gain value from the system but still keeping simple and easy to use.

What Users want: Easy; Available anytime, anywhere; Intelligent, information presented in context

What Business/IT wants: Secure; Compliant; Affordable

To effectively manage and exploit a company’s knowledge, you need to consider metadata. The successful implementation of any content / records related strategy requires implementation of a metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process. Building an Enterprise Information Archiving / Records Management without a metadata plan is as throwing a paper document in an unmarked box. The information organization that metadata provides increases the return on investment of the information archiving system by unlocking the potential to ingest, discover and share information assets. To respond to all these challenges, Star Storage created SEAL – an enterprise information archiving and records management software product, which enables organizations to preserve and unleash the value of their information assets while providing a secured compliant environment.

SEAL offers to its users a series of innovative capabilities, all the features being available from a powerful but simple and user friendly user interface.