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Transportation & Logistic overview

The way to success is simpler with the digitization of documents.

Present challenges of the industry


increase each year in transportation sector, since 2011


of logistics companies are currently using machine-to-machine technology


of manufacturers and retailers want to see logistics companies use drones for product delivery

Industry trends and behavior


of CEOs see mobile technologies for customer engagement as most strategically important for their organization


of Transportation & Logistics CEOs see cyber security as strategically important for their organization

Go full throttle in everything you do!

Access to information means making the right decisions in a flash to keep your deadlines.

General context

The transportation and logistics industry is an increasingly active industry in a constant move and development, in which speed is a essential condition for achieving high results. It is, at the same time, one of the largest generators of documents and the quick and easy access to them is required for any company in this sector.
But the problem  of using and managing physical archive of documents occurs, which is an expensive process, inefficient, time consuming and, moreover, doesn’t bring any value directly. A key factor in significantly reducing costs but also reducing the time required to retrieve information from a document is to transform documents from physical to electronic format.

Archiving electronic documents with SEAL

To simplify this process, we created SEAL, an accessible and easy to use application that allows archiving electronic all documents in your company: transport documents, accounting documents, HR documents, etc. and can be used without investment in servers, workstations, scanner or specialized IT staff. Archiving electronic documents with SEAL you will eliminate  the inefficient timings from your day-to-day activities.
Every time when they need to work with a particular document, your employee will find it in only a few seconds.
It is for them a gain of time and so they can focus more on essential activities to improve services and increase profitability of your company. And clients will appreciate you even more, so that you can provide the information or documents required in real time.

Turn the impossible into possible

Another problem for your employees is to access the same data, at the same time. Of course, when working with physical documents, this is impossible. However, SEAL, manages to turn the impossible into the possible, offering you at the same time the best ways through which you can access the data and added value for your services. Now, the same invoice or the same contract may be used at the same time, most of the employees or your customers, even from different locations.
In addition, your archive documents can also be accessed using mobile devices. With an electronic archive that you can access anytime you need it is not necessary to have at your fingertips the physical documents; and thus gain more space in your office.

Reducing costs with SEAL

You will also eliminate the excessive costs of printing documents. SEAL comes with a package of software applications (includes free application for scanning/capture and application for uploading data), that allows you to upload documents directly into your electronic archive, immediately after they have been created/received.
By implementing SEAL you will benefit from increased security for your documents and eliminate the risk that they will be lost or destroyed; SEAL allow application of strict security policies, therefore you only authorized individuals can access your archive documents.

Delivery models

SEAL is not just great but it is also very adaptable to your needs. Chose to use it in your location or access it via cloud with 0 initial costs.

On-Premises (local install)

If you would like to purchase the licenses andsimply install them on your hardware, we are here to help, contact us for your special quote.

On-Demand (EU Cloud)

Choose SEAL delivered from our European Data Center located in Bucharest, RO and have local performance and data stored in EU.

On-Demand (Global Cloud)

Choose SEAL delivered from Microsoft Azure and have global reach and multi-site distributed data centers around the world.