Own the competitive space in the Telecommunications industry

Telecommunications Overview

The world is becoming more connected and the telecommunications area is the one that makes this possible.

Present challenges of the industry


of the global population aren't online yet.


of the world's population will be mobile connected in the next 5 years.


of industries surveyed a cyber security attack.

Industry trends and behavior


of the mobile traffic will be video by 2020.


improvement of business performance by using collaboration tools.

Telco industry archives with SEAL!

Increase customer loyalty and secure revenue.

Network performance

The world is becoming more connected and the telecommunications area is the one that makes this possible. With all this, exponential growth of volume traffic does not mean necessarily same trajectory for incomes.  Competition is fierce, infrastructure is expensive and consumer confidence in a particular telecommunications provider for multitude applications or daily tasks always require operator dedication to ensure network performance.

Critical issues that concern you

We know these aspects and also, we know that there are several critical issues that concern you:

  • analyzing data to improve operational efficiency and anticipating possible challenges at a performance level, as well as customer profiling to ensure loyalty;
  • securing cash flow;
  • compliance with very strict legal regulations related to data retention, such as for example call logs.

SEAL - a solution

Also, we know how difficult and expensive it is retrieval process of information which are mostly in paper documents distributed in various locations nationwide and beyond.
Opportunity cost cannot be ignored and the competition is not waiting.

For you, we created SEAL - a solution that will totally change the perspective from which you look at and use information. Now you can quickly build and centrally manage the electronic archive that you have always wanted. Think about what you can do if all your informations would be in a secure way, anytime and from anywhere, immediately available to help you in decision-making processes, to allow you to significantly reduce costs and increase operations process efficiency.

Issues that we identified

  • Develop predictive analytics capabilities to discover trends in consumer behavior and anomalies that can affect your profit;
  • Analyze market segments and determine which is the best deal;
  • Increase customer satisfaction and attract new customers;
  • Customize invoices with dedicated offers based on collected informations from various sources;
  • Improve performance by archiving inactive data from key applications;
  • Access historical data whenever is necessary;
  • Reduce number and duration of phone support and increase their efficiency;
  • Comply with legal regulations and those of your company. Ensuring protection and secure access to customer data, such as for example CDR (Call Data Records), are priority in SEAL. You can define your custom rules for security and documents automatic storage policy. Additionally, data access is always auditable;
  • Prevent data loss in case of disasters or theft;
  • Decrease significantly data storage cost using the latest worldwide platforms;
  • Consolidate infrastructure in mergers and acquisitions case. SEAL knows how to capture metadata from various systems, to map data from old applications and migrate them into a global system for the newly founded organization;
  • Additionally, you have zero initial investment and payment based on monthly subscription if you choose "as a service" option.


Delivery models

SEAL is not just great but it is also very adaptable to your needs. Chose to use it in your location or access it via cloud with 0 initial costs.

On-Premises (local install)

If you would like to purchase the licenses andsimply install them on your hardware, we are here to help, contact us for your special quote.

On-Demand (EU Cloud)

Choose SEAL delivered from our European Data Center located in Bucharest, RO and have local performance and data stored in EU.

On-Demand (Global Cloud)

Choose SEAL delivered from Microsoft Azure and have global reach and multi-site distributed data centers around the world.