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Stay compliant with legal regulation when archiving and give faster and better answers to citizens and institutions.

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of public sector leaders are betting on innovations in real-time data platforms, analytics and mobility to use big data to their advantage


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of the digital transformation goals involve changing the way people interact with their organization

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of public organizations are looking to increase engagement with digital communications


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Seal solution profiles for Public Sector industry

Stay compliant with legal regulation when archiving.

General context

Over time, the central and local public administration, gathered enormous volumes of information stored in various systems and multiple formats.
Although these documents (mostly on paper) contain essential information to access and reuse this already generated content is a great challenge. Thus the documentation process is delayed and the response to citizen inquiries exceed the comfort limit and can cause image damage to the public institutions.
In the next period the amount of information generated will continue to grow exponentially which puts pressure on both staff dealing with their administration and on the cost of physical archiving of all this data. Every day, public institutions issue and receive hundreds of documents that require complex operational flows development without losing control over the budget.

Electronic archive

Using SEAL, all information dispersed throughout the country get united in a centrally managed electronic archive using a single, turned-key solution. All data is easily and quickly accessible in a secured manner significantly improving the capacity and quality of responses to authorities and citizens’ inquires.
SEAL comes with multiple capabilities for document scanning and rapid building of an electronic archive, reducing the process of information digitization to several clicks using a highly intuitive and agile interface.
Using SEAL, users can decide which attributes they need for classifying documents and can define them instantly, both manually and through automatic text recognition. All these operations can be done without system administrator intervention or external service provider help. Your institution gains in a flash optimized processes with zero implementation costs.

SEAL can manage

  • Any type of document from archive nomenclature of the institution;
  • Any type of document from existing systems;
  • Any type of file delivered from in-hose applications;
  • Documents that require electronic signature or timestamp to ensure compliance with the regulations in force;
  • Email archives that are not currently managed in a centralized archiving structure Clear benefits when using SEAL;
  • Reduced costs due to multiplication of data and working with paper documents;
  • Reduce the date error rate below 5% by eliminating manual document processing and data deduplication;
  • Improve decision making by improving data quality and transparency of data sources;
  • Reducing time spent on information retrieval - search will be made in a consolidated electronic archive data;
  • Improved reporting processes for different levels of management;
  • Ability to create strategic and operational analysis with a single integrated and relevant data source;
  • Open to other systems of other institutions to retrieve and transmit information using open standards technology (CMIS).

Major benefits when using SEAL start from day one

  • Compliance with legislation on working with electronic documents;
  • Process automation distribution and retrieval of documents at the institutional level;
  • Facilitating public interest information publishing;
  • Improved decision support mechanisms - the ability to create real-time reports and statistics based on consistent data from documents generated or processed daily;
  • Easy access to real time information in a centralized manner for all stakeholders (public officials / managers / citizens);
  • Eliminate the risk of losing documents or erroneous classification using centralized records management throughout the entire life cycle of documents;
  • Improve processing and distribution of documents by ensuring the rapid processing of information using modern capture tools included by default in SEAL and collaborative functions to access the documents;
  • Answer in no time to the requests of others state institutions or those coming directly from citizens by reusing previously generated content and rapid retrieval of information managed by the application;
  • Eliminate generation and distribution costs of photocopied documents within institutions.

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Eliminating extensive paper handling at DIPI

"Some of the key which have ensured the success of this project have been Star Storage team extensive experience and high qualification in implementation of information management integrated systems. We were very pleased and also happy because we worked with a truly reliable partner - Star Storage." said Adina MACOVEI, Commissioner Police Chief, Project Manager in the MTEMIDTA project of the General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection.

The General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection is the specialized structure of the Ministry of Administration and Interior which carries out intelligence activities, with the view to ensuring the public order, as well as to preventing and countering threats to national security concerning the missions, personnel and information within the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

The General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection is a component of the Ministry of Administration and Interior, in charge of collecting, processing, storing, protecting and valorizing the intelligence necessary for the accomplishment of the Ministry of Administration and Interior tasks, according to the law.

The General Directorate for Intelligence and Internal Protection cooperates through the National Registry Office for Classified Information with the N.A.T.O. Office of Security, and the EU Security Council for the implementation of the N.A.T.O. and E.U. standards for the protection of classified information within the Ministry of Administration and Interior.

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