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Financial services overview

In banking industry, permanent and fast access to customer data has a major impact on marketing activities, new products / services development and on the way these services are delivered to the customer.

Present challenges of the industry


of organizations don't have a clearly defined business intelligence and analytics strategy


of companies have difficulty defining business requirements


of companies do a better job of using information than most of their competitors

Industry trends and behavior


of consumers have made payments via social media


increase of mobile banking users for next 5 years

Know your customer to keep him

With SEAL you are more performant and you can easily increase your revenue!

Understanding your customers

Should be considered instead many more issues besides ensuring loyalty. It's about understanding who are your most profitable customers, which of them have the potential to become the most profitable without losing sight of internal regulations or imposed by competent institutions for documents and business processes.
It is not a new information that every customer can be understood and addressed on an individual profile. If instead the data underlying the building of this profile are stored in hardcopy or distributed in different locations the process is time and resource consuming, which does not fit with the dynamic banking environment, the pressure to reduce costs and increase profit.

Enterprise electronic archive

It sounds complicated but we simplified everything for you and created SEAL. Using SEAL you can now build and quickly manage an enterprise electronic archive which can be accessed quickly and securely, anytime and anywhere. Now you have all the relevant information you need to generate more revenue and reduce costs not insignificant for search and retrieve information. In addition, you can be sure that you respect internal and external regulations related to storage and data access through clear retention policies, secure data access and fully auditable processes.

Communicate effectively

We know that your activities is influenced by an environment where regulations are changing rapidly, and the number of customers affected by economic factors and a fairly volatile market. It is more important than ever to effectively communicate with both your clients and with agencies and authorities that regulate this area, in order to grow customer loyalty and ensure the authorities about respecting the standards for accounting records and quality service delivery.
Now SEAL is ready to help you. With SEAL you can build and manage your electronic archive you have always wished for. Claims, insurance policies, sales reports, invoices and marketing data ... all can now be converted from hard copy into electronic format for quick and safe access, anywhere and anytime you need them. With SEAL you communicate better with your agents and focus on improving service quality and increasing profitability.
Now you can upload, store, transform, find and deliver the content in other systems faster than ever.

SEAL significantly reduces costs

Comparing to physical format records, SEAL offers superior performance but significantly reducing costs:

  • Get rid of the high costs for reprinting or regeneration of existing content;
  • Eliminate costs with printed document archives management scattered in different locations and consolidate documents in one electronic repository;
  • Enterprise storage systems minimize costs with infrastructure and administrative staff;
  • Maximize existing investments in IT systems and earn additional decommissioning of old IT systems by preparing content for channel distribution and also to multiple business applications (using CMIS standard);
  • No headaches with the risks and costs for breaking regulations in force by using document management and strict policies based on roles;
  • Electronic documents available online mean not least to reduce the number and duration of support phone calls and increase their efficiency.

And this is not all. Now the solution can be implemented both at your headquarter and your infrastructure or can quickly accessed as a service in cloud with zero initial investment and monthly subscription payment.

See how your industry peers are using SEAL


Productivity at Patria Bank

Patria Bank is a Romanian bank, founded in 1993 under the name Romexterra Bank, later named Nextebank. Starting with April 30, 2014 the bank's main shareholder is the investment fund Emerging Europe Accession Fund (EEAF). Emerging Europe Accession Fund is an investment fund that brings together as investors, key international financial institutions (multilateral development banks) and is the third private equity fund, managed by Axxess Capital.

As manager of investment funds, Axxess Capital has a history of over 15 years of investment experience in Romania and Central-Eastern European region, which includes investments in over 35 companies in Romania and other countries in Southeast Europe.

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Paperless operations at Allianz insurance

Allianz offers a comprehensive range of insurance and asset management products and services to 78 million customers in more than 70 countries. Allianz Insurance offers a product portfolio including a wide range of Property-Casualty and Life/Health insurance products for both private and corporate customers.

Allianz Insurance Romania was searching a solution for standardized documents management in order to fulfill regulatory requirements and business needs.

A unified documents repository system was necessary to increase information retrieval while providing integration with the core business applications managing the customer files generated across 180 distributed branches. Also a new front-end electronic insurance policy issuing mechanism was intended.

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Delivery models

SEAL is not just great but it is also very adaptable to your needs. Chose to use it in your location or access it via cloud with 0 initial costs.

On-Premises (local install)

If you would like to purchase the licenses andsimply install them on your hardware, we are here to help, contact us for your special quote.

On-Demand (EU Cloud)

Choose SEAL delivered from our European Data Center located in Bucharest, RO and have local performance and data stored in EU.

On-Demand (Global Cloud)

Choose SEAL delivered from Microsoft Azure and have global reach and multi-site distributed data centers around the world.