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Energy and utilities overview

It's time to have a consistent view of electronic documents.

Present challenges of the industry


of executives agree that their utility's business model needs to change.


of digitally engaged consumers are more likely to participate in an energy management program.


decrease in paper biling & inserts.

Industry trends and behavior


of business view reducing electricity costs as essential to staying competitive from an image perspective.


companies that invested in IoT (the Internet of Things) increased revenues

SEAL for Energy & Utilities companies

The operational excellence begins with the intelligent document and data exploitation.

About applications

For decades, energy companies have created their own applications to solve problems. Hundreds of them: Project management applications drive field activities. Capital expenditure applications track equipment purchases and other capex projects transactions. ERP systems track financial activities. In general, these companies have been happy to maintain and work with all these applications … until it comes to have an integrated picture of what occurred. From the operational perspective but also from compliance perspective.

The consequences of multiple applications

All these  distributed applications  have bee and still are generating a tremendous amount of information in electronic format but also physically. This quantity of data is now stressing out  financial and human resources allocated for managing and integrating the information into the business processes. The action of the human factor generates errors and delays which ultimately affects the organization's business objectives .

Building an electronic archive

Managing historical data generated and building a permanent auditable electronic archive significantly reduce costs. streamlines business decision making process through permanent  fast and secure access to information and releases the pressure on human resources that can now handle the profit generating activities within the company.

Managing technical documents

Also, for energy and utilities companies is crucial to be able to manage technical documents along their entire life-cycle (data capture, information classification, retention and disposal) and flexible scenarios for viewing and searching for collections of technical documents related with a context (town planning certificates, rehabilitation projects, networks changes, installations, technical expertise, geotechnical studies, environmental impact studies, etc.

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Organization workflow at Electrica

SC Electrica S. A. is a Romanian company, owned by the state, under the subordination of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment (Ministry of the Economy), having as main activity the distribution and supply of electricity.

Throughout its 13 years of activity in manufacturing and distribution of electricity, S.C. Electrica S.A., managed and archived contracts and associated documents (annexes, invoices and orders) in different locations, generating this way an impressive volume of documents, which in time become a challenge in terms of accessing information. In addition, contracts information were stored in various applications without having a centralized evidence. Thus, S.C. ELECTRICA S.A. employees had limited control and an incomplete view over information contained within contracts, thing that made more difficult the activities within the organization and the speed of responses to the requests from outside the organizations (partners and customers).

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