More than 68% of organizations believe that business at paper speed will become obsolete in a few years, according to a recent study conducted by AIIM (the Association for Intelligent Information Management). In the digital era, a unified management of information, archives and business records gives you a simpler way of protecting, accessing and managing your company’s documents. Now it is easier than ever to reuse and safely collaborate on business content, without any compromises on compliance with the newest regulations like GDPR, for instance.

Below 10 reasons for deploying a unified information governance solution covering your electronic archive and business records for increased efficiency, lower costs and intelligent work in the new era of digital office:

1. Take care of your business records

Building up your electronic archive and adopting a metadata based solution for managing it actually allows you to take care of your business records easier than ever and to enforce compliance norms and build your own information governance policy. Moreover, with the help of an integrated business record management system, you can capture, transform, index and manage your entire physical and electronic archive safely, which will propel you light years away ahead of your competition.

2. Free up valuable IT resources and become more efficient simply by reusing the existing content.

Give business users the possibility to store and view documents without the need for specialized IT staff. Minimize the size of databases, improving performance and freeing up precious storage resources. With electronic archiving, all your documents are now one click away.

3. Stay ahead in the race for digital transformation.

Valuable business content/information must be managed considering what it represents and not where it is stored. By turning paper into a reusable electronic archive, you build up your digital office which will surely allow you to store, find, reuse and distribute important documents and information easier than ever.

4. Gain total mobility.

A properly built electronic archive means content availability for your employees anytime-anywhere, for a new level of productivity and interaction with clients and business partners.

5. Take faster and more knowledgeable decisions.

How many times have your attempts at finding documents and information failed? Content and the associated metadata surely represent an important part of your intellectual property, a gold mine that goes unused at its real potential.  Activate and release the entire potential of your business records in the current activities of your company for a new level of productivity and faster, more informed decisions that can make the difference between you and your competition. Now you can significantly increase the productivity of each employee who can define his own way of viewing content by accessing a unified repository of business records within the entire organization.

6. Stop inefficient costs and redirect your money towards truly productive activities.

The management and archiving of physical documents are expensive are expensive both in relation with qualified personnel and facilities. Processing, storage and access to business records is significantly improved by adopting an electronic archive and automated document storage and deletion policies.

As far as electronic archiving is concerned, the days of prohibitive prices or complex analyses, accessible only to large companies, are long gone. Now, with the right supplier of electronic conversion and archiving services, you can enjoy competitive prices compared to traditional DMS/ECM platforms. Additionally, you eliminate all costs associated to the loss or recreation of already-existing documents and you have even gain the freedom to choose your deployment method: at your offices (using the existing structure) or on demand, as a service – you pay exactly what you use, without initial costs associated to the infrastructure, software applications or implementation services.

7. Empower collaboration.

Increase collaboration efficiency while keeping control over your information by creating a digital work space, securely shared with third parties, leveraging collection of documents and security rules that can be established even temporarily (e.g. for the duration of an audit).

8. Keep your documents safe.

Regulated content can be extremely sensitive, and the enforcement of new security rules and policies, although critical, is quite hard to achieve on physical documents. Being able to prove, during audit processes, the traceability of each activity over the documents or imposing security at a granular level on each document can save you a lot of headache or fines, which are increasingly high (see the GDPR regulation). In a modern electronic archive, business content is safe with the help of dynamic security, based on the value of metadata. Thus, you can grant access to an unlimited number of employees and reach a new level of productivity without losing control over your business content.

9. Achieve legal and industry compliance easier than ever.

By using an electronic archive that is compliant with legal and industry regulations you reduce the company’s exposure and mitigate risks. Failure to observe current legislation leads most times to burdening fines, the suspension of activity or even criminal charges. It is easier than you imagine to define and use processes for the identification and extraction of personal identifiable information from documents by using advanced OCR techniques and the value of metadata associated to electronic documents in order to define policies for accessing and processing this data so as to be permanently in compliance with legal requirements.  Moreover, accessing data in real time during litigations or other investigative procedures spares you a lot of headache and allows you to focus on what really matters: your business.

10. Enjoy an extraordinary user experience to yourself and your colleagues.

87% of the suppliers of global information management solutions (AIIM study) believe that the volume of acquisitions in the IT area is already generated mostly by business users who purchase IT solutions, and not by IT staff directly as we would be tempted to believe, which means that a modern solution for the unified management of physical, electronic archives and business records must be built firstly for non-technical users. With a strong, intuitive interface, such a solution will be quickly in your company, providing an extraordinary user experience that will surely ease everybody’s work efficiency and turn you into an information superhero.


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